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Best 5 AI Crypto Coins for Investors: Exploring The Graph,, Ocean Protocol, Chainlink, & SingularityNET

The intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology has paved the way for an innovative class of digital assets: AI crypto coins. They harness the strengths of AI to offer more intelligent, efficient, and secure applications in the realm of cryptocurrency.

As an enthusiast in the rapidly evolving crypto space, I’m particularly intrigued by the potential of these coins to revolutionize various industry sectors—from healthcare to finance, through smarter and self-improving protocols.

In 2024, amidst a plethora of options, several AI crypto coins are standing out due to their unique utilities, technological advancements, and strong community support. My focus today narrows down to the best five AI crypto coins that have caught the attention of investors and tech-savvies alike.

These include The Graph (GRT), (FET), Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), Chainlink (LINK), and SingularityNET (AGIX), each bringing distinct innovations and contributions to the table that could significantly impact the future of blockchain and AI.

Key Takeaways

  • AI crypto coins blend AI and blockchain to enhance functionalities and security.
  • Diverse applications and innovations are offered by The Graph,, Ocean Protocol, Chainlink, and SingularityNET.
  • These coins exhibit strong potential for both technological impact and investment opportunity.

What Are AI Crypto Coins?

AI crypto coins are essentially digital assets that combine the groundbreaking technologies of artificial intelligence and blockchain.

These coins often function as the backbone of decentralized networks, where they’re used to incentivize and facilitate various operations.

Smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts with the terms directly written into lines of code, are a central feature.

AI marketplaces and ecosystems leverage these AI crypto coins to allow for the trading of AI services or computational resources.

Take The Graph as an example; it uses its GRT token to index and query data from blockchains, resembling how Google organizes web information. introduces tokens used in a decentralized machine learning network, while Ocean Protocol uses its coin within a data exchange ecosystem.

Chainlink, in my experience, utilizes its tokens within a decentralized oracle network, linking smart contracts with data from the real world.

SingularityNET stands out by creating a marketplace for AI algorithms, with the token facilitating transactions within this AI ecosystem.

By integrating AI with blockchain, these coins aim to foster innovation and collaboration in a trustless, secure, and decentralized manner.

Our top 5 crypto coins for 2024

The crypto market is ever-evolving, and AI-integrated coins have shown significant promise. Here, I’ve narrowed down the top five AI crypto coins that are standing out in 2024.

The Graph: It’s an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS. The Graph is crucial for many decentralized applications and is riding high on price action due to its utility and wide adoption. With its ERC-20 token, this platform is building a decentralized network to automate tasks using AI. The network aims to connect IoT devices and algorithms to enable collective learning.

Ocean Protocol: Ocean has carved a niche in AI-powered data sharing. By aiming to unlock data for AI consumption ethically and securely, Ocean Protocol has garnered attention from investors focused on data economy.

Chainlink: This project facilitates universally connected smart contracts through a decentralized oracle network. Chainlink has earned a reputable market cap by integrating real-world data into the blockchain sphere.

SingularityNET: It allows the creation, sharing, and monetization of AI services at scale. The project has an ambitious goal of forming a decentralized AI network, with its native token gaining traction among crypto investors.

Coin NameMain UtilityToken TypeMarket Position
The GraphQuerying networks for dAppsERC-20High market adoption
Fetch.aiDecentralized AI network for automated tasks and AI-toolsERC-20Niche IoT integration
Ocean ProtocolAI-powered data sharing marketplaceERC-20Data economy focus
ChainlinkLinking smart contracts with real-world dataERC-20Strong market cap
SingularityNETDecentralized AI service and marketplace networkERC-20Unique AI ecosystem

By focusing on these five, I’m steering clear of hype and prioritizing coins with a strategic value proposition in the realm of AI and blockchain integration.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

I’ve noticed Ocean Protocol has been making waves in the AI crypto coin market. From what I understand, it’s designed to unlock the value of data by allowing people to share and monetize their datasets in a secure, privacy-preserving way.

This is brilliant because trust barriers are diminished, which encourages data sharing. On Ocean’s marketplace, users can buy and sell data with the native OCEAN token.

I saw that their marketplace is quite dynamic. It uses blockchain technology to connect data providers and consumers, facilitating safer transactions without an intermediary.

OCEAN token holders also get to vote on protocol governance decisions. This means the community steers the project’s direction, which is a compelling aspect for me.

I learned their price today is $0.849589 USD, with a 24-hour trading volume of $149,022,821 USD. It’s interesting they’ve seen a 4.21% increase recently.

Their market cap, at the time of my last check, was $482,890,458 USD. The circulating supply is sizable, with 568,381,103 OCEAN coins out there.

Lastly, the protocol’s 2024 roadmap they announced includes plans for AI-powered prediction bots. They aim to protect private data with these tools, which I find pretty forward-thinking.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink stands out to me as an intriguing blockchain project. It acts as a decentralized oracle network. This means Chainlink provides a vital service—connecting smart contracts to external data sources. My understanding is that such connections are essential for the contracts to be truly useful.

I’ve learned that Chainlink’s native token is LINK. This is used to pay for services on the network. Based on my research, LINK holders can also participate in the network by staking their tokens. This involvement contributes to the overall security and reliability of the network.

It’s clear that the demand for reliable data feeds is growing. Chainlink addresses this by allowing multiple oracles to evaluate the same data before it is provided to a smart contract. This redundancy is crucial for ensuring the fidelity of the data.

From what I’ve gathered, Chainlink has established a strong community and ecosystem. Developers are constantly building with LINK, and numerous partnerships across various industries have been formed. These collaborations are a testament to Chainlink’s credibility.

The price of LINK, as reported recently, turns out to be $19.09. Keeping an eye on the market cap, which was reflected to be approximately $11 billion, shows the substantial size of its market presence.

  • Current Price (USD): $19.09
  • 24-hour Trading Volume (USD): $449,067,435
  • Market Cap (USD): $11,205,618,979
  • Circulating Supply: 587,099,970 LINK

Lastly, it’s interesting to see Chainlink’s real-time price updates. I value the transparency this provides to investors and enthusiasts, making it easier to stay informed on LINK’s market dynamics.

SingularityNET (AGIX)

I’ve been keeping an eye on SingularityNET, a platform that really fascinates me.

It’s designed to facilitate the creation, sharing, and monetization of AI services at scale.

What catches my attention is AGIX, the native utility token of SingularityNET.

AGIX is used for transactions on the network, including payments for AI services.

For developers, it’s an incredible opportunity to participate in an AI marketplace.

They can publish their AI services on the platform, making them accessible to users worldwide.

What’s more, users can pay with AGIX tokens to use these services, stimulating a circular economy within the ecosystem.

My research shows AGIX has a circulating supply, which can be a vital sign of health for a cryptocurrency.

Keeping up with the market dynamics, AGIX is listed on several major exchanges, ensuring liquidity and accessibility for traders.

As per the latest statistics, the real-time price dynamics of AGIX hint at an active and vibrant market for this AI-based cryptocurrency.

Given the upward trend in AI integration within blockchain, AGIX’s role in SingularityNET could grow significantly.

I see the SingularityNET community as a strong pillar of the project; it seems dedicated and active.

The project’s vision to democratize access to AI services aligns with the current interest and advancements in the AI space.

SingularityNET, through AGIX, is making AI accessible, which I believe is a powerful step toward a more interconnected and intelligent future.

The Graph (GRT)

The Graph is an indexing protocol that catches my attention in the blockchain space.

It functions similarly to how Google indexes the web, but for blockchain data, earning it the nickname ‘the Google of blockchains.’

As someone who follows technological advances closely, I find that The Graph’s utility in providing infrastructure for querying blockchain data makes it an essential project in the crypto landscape.


  • Indexing & querying blockchain data
  • Backbone for DeFi and broader Web3 apps

Token: GRT

  • Operates within The Graph ecosystem
  • Used for ensuring the integrity of the data being queried

Interestingly, GRT tokens are not just a form of investment; they play an integral role in maintaining and operating The Graph’s ecosystem.

Stakeholders like indexers, curators, and delegators use GRT for network activities. This includes staking and earning rewards for processing queries.

Key Roles:

  • Indexers: Nodes that index the data
  • Curators: Signal on high-quality data
  • Delegators: Delegate GRT to indexers to secure the network

I believe The Graph’s approach to making blockchain data easily accessible and useful positions it well in the market.

Its contribution to the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem and the support for a more decentralized Web3 experience cannot be overstated. (FET)

Name Price24H (%)
Artificial Superintelligence Alliance(FET)

I’ve been following closely, and it’s an intriguing project in the AI crypto space. aims to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence to a decentralized economy, utilizing blockchain technology.

This digital economy is powered by the native currency, FET, which users can employ for various transactions within the ecosystem. I find it fascinating that FET is not only a means of payment but also serves as a gateway to participate in network governance.

Trading at approximately $1.11, has a substantial 24-hour trading volume. This shows there’s a healthy interest and liquidity in the market for FET, which indicates a strong community and user base.

The market cap is another aspect that catches my eye; being valued at over $900 million positions FET solidly within the crypto market rankings. One thing I’ve noticed is the availability of the token, with a circulating supply close to 832 million FET.

For those with a knack for contributing to distributed networks, offers an enticing opportunity. By providing data and research, participants can earn rewards, a model that stimulates both growth and collaboration.

How and where can I buy AI crypto coins?

When I decided to dip my toes into the world of AI crypto coins, I discovered several convenient ways to purchase them. I’ll walk you through what I learned.

Firstly, I needed to choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchange. I went for popular ones like Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken, as they typically have a wide selection of coins, including AI-focused ones such as The Graph (GRT), (FET), and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN).

I made sure to create an account on the exchange of my choice. This process usually involved verifying my identity to comply with regulatory requirements, known as KYC (Know Your Customer).

After my account was set up, I deposited funds. Most exchanges allow me to deposit traditional currency like USD or EUR, which I could then use to buy cryptocurrencies.

I navigated the exchange to find the specific AI crypto coins I was interested in. Here’s a simple table I made for reference:

AI Crypto CoinTicker Symbol
The GraphGRT
Ocean ProtocolOCEAN

When I found the coin, I selected it, chose the amount I wished to buy, and completed the transaction. It’s as straightforward as shopping online.

Lastly, I remembered to transfer my new assets to a secure wallet, ensuring the safety of my investment. Hardware wallets are ideal, but many exchanges offer custodial wallets as well.

Key Use Cases and Technological Innovations

In the realm of AI-driven cryptocurrencies, I’ve observed that technological advancements are closely linked with practical applications. Let’s delve into a few exciting use cases and innovations that stand out in the world of AI cryptocurrencies.

Data Exchange and Monetization

The Graph is transforming the landscape of data exchange with its protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data, akin to how Google works with traditional web content. Its innovative approach allows for the monetization of data through an efficient and queryable structure.

Ocean Protocol, on the other hand, centers its efforts on secure data sharing and privacy-preserving tools. This empowers individuals and organizations to exchange and monetize their data within the data economy, ensuring compliance with privacy standards.

AI Services and Smart Contract Oracles

Chainlink has emerged as a forerunner in providing decentralized oracle services to power smart contracts with real-world data. By integrating AI services, it enhances the capabilities of smart contracts to make autonomous and data-driven decisions. operates on the Cosmos blockchain and introduces an added layer of AI to smart contract execution. This results in smarter and more responsive contracts that can adapt to a multitude of scenarios, leading to increased automation and efficiency.

Decentralized Marketplaces for AI

With SingularityNET, I’ve noticed the creation of a decentralized marketplace for AI services. It leverages the power of blockchain to allow anyone to participate by contributing to or utilizing AI technologies, streamlining the distribution of computing power and AI tools.

This decentralized ecosystem democratizes access to AI, making it possible for various stakeholders to contribute to and benefit from advancements in AI without the need for centralized control.

Investment Insights and Market Dynamics

When examining the dynamic world of AI cryptocurrencies, it’s essential to consider investment potential and understand the broader economic context.

Evaluating AI Cryptocurrencies for Investment

I find that investors should focus on a variety of key factors when evaluating AI cryptocurrencies. These include market capitalization, which reflects the overall market value of a crypto project. For instance, The Graph and have impressed with their large market caps, suggesting strong investor trust.

Another critical aspect I consider is the trading volume, as it indicates the liquidity of an asset and the level of activity it’s seeing in the market. High trading volumes can signal a healthy, active market for AI cryptocurrencies.

In my decision-making, I often weigh price action heavily, as patterns can reveal the investor sentiment and potential market directions. Price movements in AI coins like Chainlink and Ocean Protocol require careful analysis for profitable investment decisions.

Lastly, competition among crypto projects is intense, especially in the AI niche. I observe that projects with unique value propositions, such as SingularityNET’s marketplace for AI services, can carve out a significant place for themselves in the crypto market.

The Economic Impact of AI on Crypto

The introduction of AI into the crypto market has had a transformative effect, grabbing my attention as an influential trend.

From my perspective, the economic impact is most noticeable in the efficiency of transactions and decision-making processes within blockchain networks. Autonomous and improved decision-making led by AI has the potential to reshape the crypto landscape.

Moreover, the application of AI appears to enhance competition within the market. Crypto projects that integrate AI, like those mentioned above, tend to foster innovative solutions, which can attract more investors and bolster the overall market.

Conclusion and my recommendation

In observing the current landscape, The Graph (GRT) stands out with its deep integration into blockchain data indexing. It may be considered a foundational piece in the ecosystem. (FET), on the other hand, has carved its niche in automating various economic tasks. This could be incredibly useful for businesses looking to streamline operations.

I find Ocean Protocol to be particularly promising due to its focus on unlocking the value of data. By allowing data sharing and monetization, it seems to be hitting a sweet spot in the growing data economy.

Chainlink deserves mention for its reliable oracles, essential for connecting smart contracts with real-world data. This can be a game-changer for smart contract utility across various industries.

Lastly, SingularityNET (AGIX) impresses with its decentralized AI marketplace. It could potentially democratize access to AI services, making it a strong contender in this space.

My recommendation for those interested in investing in AI crypto coins would be to consider these options:

CoinUnique Offering
GRTData Indexing
FETEconomic AI Automation
Ocean ProtocolData Monetization
ChainlinkSmart Contract Oracles
AGIXAI Marketplace

Remember, investment in crypto should always be approached with careful research and consideration of individual risk tolerance. These coins seem poised for relevancy as AI and blockchain technology continue to evolve.

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